Airds has been undergoing urban renewal that will make the suburb a safer place to live. However, that’s not enough to gain complete peace of mind whether you own a home or running a business.

That’s why Electrical Security Services is always available here to install modern security technologies in residential and commercial premises (including corporate offices, schools, warehouses, restaurants, cafes). As a company with a master security license, we are qualified and authorised to perform security installations.

Airds security services

It’s hard to focus on moving forward if there’s always a security threat. If you always worry about your current possession or the things you leave behind, it becomes very challenging to focus on your career, business, recreation or pretty much everything else.

That’s why more and more property owners and facility managers choose to have security cameras and alarm systems in their premises. They’re now aware of the risks because after all, a burglar or intruder only needs a few minutes to break in.

Our goal here at Electrical Security Services is to provide maximum protection and coverage. Our ASIAL accredited security technicians regularly undergo training to keep themselves up to date with the latest technologies and security threats. Although burglars and intruders are getting more creative and sophisticated, our security technicians remain several steps ahead in preventing criminal activity in the first place.

To give peace of mind to our clients, we first assess the site and install the following technologies if appropriate:

We install standalone and integrated solutions according to clients’ requirements. No two projects are the same and each site has a unique risk profile. Our approach here is to determine all the threats and risks and then inform the client of the best course of action. We can then install the appropriate security technologies and place them strategically for maximum coverage and protection whether it’s for a residence or commercial facility.

Airds electrician services

Aside from burglars and intruders, another source of threat and worry is the electrical system. For instance, a burnt outlet or a faulty wire can cause an electrocution or fire hazard. The lack of protection and stability in the electrical flow may also cause damages to the appliances and property overall.

Our licensed electricians here at Electrical Security Services perform prompt electrical repairs to take away your worries. We are fast to act so you can get back to sleep or focus on more important things as soon as possible. Aside from repairs, our qualified and insured electricians are also busy doing the following:

We are careful whenever we step inside the property. We also clean up the mess so you won’t have to. In case of large electrical installation projects, we integrate smoothly with other contractors so the job will be done on time and on budget.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your security and electrical requirements. For more than 20 years, our focus has always been on safety and security. Through the years we’ve helped hundreds of property owners and facility managers with their security and electrical installations.