24/7 Alarm Monitoring Sydney

Not every business or home owner can keep an eye on their alarms, which is why at Electrical Security Services we offer alarm monitoring. We will keep watch on your home or business, providing an immediate response as soon as any unusual activity is noticed. Alarms can be set off for many reasons, but the two main ones are due to tampering by intruders, emergencies or faults. Faults can happen with alarms at any moment, but at the same time it is better to be safe than sorry. These days you cannot always rely on the good will of neighbours and passers-by to help, and all too often alarm sirens are ignored.

Whether you’re planning an extended trip away or simply looking for some peace of mind, entrust us to monitor your alarms 24/7 and rest easy in the knowledge that you are protected. Upon noticing any unusual activity, we will:

  • Phone/Text you to alert you
  • If necessary, we will dispatch a patrol guard
  • Alert emergency services and the appropriate authorities as necessary


Benefits of Alarm Monitoring From ESS

There are many reasons to use an alarm monitoring service. In some cases it may allow you to significantly reduce your insurance premiums, but the major benefit is for peace of mind. ESS have a team of qualified security professionals standing by, ready to act when your alarm sounds. Back to Base monitoring operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you can’t be there, we will.

Alarms can sound for many reasons depending on the alarm. We cater to all systems – whether it is an intrusion alarm, integrated smoke detector alarm, panic button or anything else. When an incident occurs, we will immediately dispatch a security officer to your premises. They will conduct a thorough investigation to determine why the alarm was sounded, and if necessary (e.g. due to fire or criminal activity) we will notify the fire brigade and police immediately.

Put simply, Back to Base alarm monitoring is a quick, reliable and effective way to monitor your home or business. We respond immediately to all incidents, helping to keep your premises as safe and secure as possible.

Emergency / Panic Buttons

Help to keep your family members or employees safe by installing panic buttons at various points around your home or business. In the event of an emergency, they can push this button and rest assured that we will come to their aid. When the button is pressed, we receive a notification at our base and will dispatch a security officer immediately who will then notify emergency services if necessary.

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