Alexandria’s proximity to the business district (just 4 kilometres away) has made the suburb attractive to young professionals, families, retirees and investors. The ease of access to the best amenities is just one of the strong points of living in Alexandria.

However, it’s still not exempted from criminal activities. Although the general environment discourages such acts, they still happen occasionally. Whether you’re taking a break at the Sydney Park or at your favourite cafe, it’s just hard to relax if you’re always worrying about the things you leave behind.

Alexandria security services

Here at Electrical Security Services we install security cameras and alarm systems so that you still have peace of mind whenever you’re away from home or business. With security technologies in place, it will be easier for you to take a break from work for a while. This can also make it easier to relax at the Sydney Park or go to the CBD.

Aside from CCTV and alarm systems (including alarms for entry, motion, smoke, heat and water), we also install access controls, automated lighting and smart alerts and management systems (administering through your smartphone or tablet). As a company with a master security license, we are qualified and authorised to perform such installations.

Our ASIAL accredited security technicians start with complete assessment of the site. After all, each site has a unique risk profile. We take that into account and advise the clients of the best course of action. Then, we install the appropriate technologies and strategically place them for maximum protection and coverage.

Although intruders and burglars are getting more creative and sophisticated, our team remains several steps ahead because we undergo continuous education and training. We study the latest threats and vulnerabilities in homes, apartments, corporate offices, cafes, patisseries, restaurants and even parks. This way, the people, properties and valuable objects such as cars will remain secure and safe.

Alexandria electrician 24/7

Aside from intruders and burglars, many Alexandria residents and families are also worried about electrical issues. Apart from the inconvenience, problems of this kind may cause electrocution and fire hazards.

Here at Electrical Security Services, we also have licensed electricians who prioritise safety. They adhere to the latest technical standards to ensure safety and reliability. They use only the best tools and parts to maximise the service life of each electrical fixture.

This is especially important in fast-paced businesses such as cafes and restaurants that get full on the weekends. Even if it’s just an hour of electrical interruption, it can result to thousands of dollars of lost revenue (plus a possible permanent loss of customers). That’s why our qualified and insured electricians are fast to act and do their best to prevent recurrence.

Aside from 24/7 electrical repairs, we are also busy doing the following:

Contact us today and let’s discuss your electrical and security requirements. Here at Electrical Security Services, we add another level of convenience to you as you live or run a business here at Alexandria. Just as you’re near to CBD, we’re also near to service you and study your requirements.