The Balmain Fire Station and headquarters of the NSW Water Police are just nearby. This gives us peace of mind living here in this old suburb.

In addition, it’s a warm and interesting community here at Balmain. But it’s only possible if our individual homes are secure and safe.

Up to 20% of Australian homes have been burgled at some point (Balmain may not be an exemption). And a burglar only requires 5 minutes to successfully break in.

Balmain security systems

With these threats and risks (despite the proximity of NSW Water Police), many homeowners, residents and property managers contact Electrical Security Services for modern and sophisticated systems. Our ASIAL accredited security licensed technicians install the following:

We carefully select the technologies and strategically place them for 100% protection and coverage. Take note that an intruder can quickly exploit a single vulnerability. Whether it’s a one-storey home, a corporate office, a retail store, a closed cafe, a shopping centre or a spacious warehouse, there are often dozens of vulnerabilities and risks present in the site.

Even though the doors, windows, gates and locks are strong, you still want that added peace of mind so you can better focus on your home living or professional life. Whether you’re staying in the premises or going away for a while, it’s always good to ensure your safety and that of your property, goods, equipment and personal belongings.

That’s why we create tailored solutions specific for each site and the client’s requirements. Residences and commercial facilities often have varying requirements and risk profiles. We carefully assess the site and install the appropriate security systems.

Balmain residential & commercial electricians 24/7

Aside from burglary and unlawful entry with intent, many residents and business owners are also concerned about electrical safety. After all, it only takes one fire or electrocution to change everything. It’s still best to prevent the fire in the first place than to rely on the quick response of the Balmain Fire Station.

That’s why our company also does the following:

Our priority is on safety, which is why we only use quality parts and tools in each installation and repair. We also perform advanced diagnostics on each fixture before leaving the site. This way, your whole electrical system will work perfectly even at peak energy demands.

To further ensure safety and quality, our team undergoes continuous professional development. Aside from keeping up with the latest technologies and standards, this is our way of demonstrating our commitment to safety, quality and excellence. Our aim is to always deliver excellent results to our clients.

Choose ESS

Since 1998, Electrical Security Services has been maintaining a firm reputation on quality and safety. We continuously acquire the necessary qualifications and require our team to keep up to date with the latest technologies and news about electrical security systems.

Phone us today at 1300 703 990 for a professional and prompt service. We will first listen to your requirements and rigorously assess your site. This is our proactive approach in ensuring the electrical safety and the security of our clients’ homes or commercial premises.