Here in Botany, European botanists collected vast numbers of plant specimens that were previously unknown in Europe. Back then the diversity of plants greatly defined this now heavily commercialised suburb.

Thankfully, residents, business owners and government officials work together to protect Botany’s original assets. The Foreshore Reserve and the Sir Joseph Banks Pleasure Gardens prove that natural features can be integrated into our modern lives and coexist with commercial facilities.

Botany security services

Just as the people here are committed to protecting Botany’s original assets, our ASIAL accredited security technicians are also committed to protecting our clients’ hard-earned assets. We accomplish this by installing residential and security cameras, alarm systems, access controls and other security technologies.

As a company with a master security license, Electrical Security Services is qualified and authorised to perform security installations. We determine the security threats in homes, apartments, corporate offices, warehouses, retail stores, industrial facilities, schools and other sites. Then, we strategically install the appropriate technologies for maximum protection and coverage.

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Botany has been set up for success and development in the first place. The Port Botany and the suburb’s proximity to the beaches and business district have made it an ideal place to grow a business or put down our roots.

But as with all other modern societies, home living and business operations heavily depend on electrical safety and reliability. Any electrical malfunction may lead to interruptions or inconvenience. Worse, this kind of problem may lead to electrocution and fire hazards.

Here at Electrical Security Services, our licensed electricians are quick to fix the burnt outlets, flickering lights, faulty wires, tripping switchboards and other failing electrical fixtures. Our goal is to fix these quickly so you can immediately get back to work or focus on your rest day.

Aside from electrical repairs, our comprehensive electrical services include:

Our qualified and insured electricians are used to handling small and large residential and commercial assignments no matter the weather or time of day. It’s especially the case with urgent electrical repairs because we understand the hazards an electrical malfunction might cause you.

Botany electrician and security services

For more than 20 years, our commitment has been on eliminating electrical hazards and security risks. Our ASIAL accredited security technicians are always several steps ahead of the intruders and burglars. On the other hand, our licensed electricians are always up to date with the latest electrical standards.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your unique security and electrical requirements. We design tailored solutions because no two jobs are the same. Here at Electrical Security Services, we create tailored solutions to achieve an optimum outcome for Botany property owners and facility managers.