Getting around is simple and efficient here at Breakfast Point. In addition, the waterfront golf courses, parklands and walkways make it possible to have an enjoyable lifestyle especially after a long day or week of work.

However, that’s impossible if there’s an electrical malfunction or security risk back at home or at your commercial premise. It’s hard to focus on your rest, work or quick recreation if there’s an electrical hazard or security threat.

Breakfast Point electrician 24/7

Here at Electrical Security Services, we’re quick to act when it comes to any kind of electrical issue. We understand that this kind of problem is serious and requires urgent measures.

Since 1998, here at ESS we’ve been committed to electrical safety and performance. Through the years we’ve built a solid reputation in Breakfast Point, Inner West and the entire Sydney area. Homeowners, facility managers and business owners are quick to contact us whenever there’s an electrical emergency.

Aside from electrical repairs, we’re also known for the following technical services:

Our goal is to ensure electrical safety and performance for our residential and commercial clients. We always adhere to requirements and standards so that our clients remain safe and that all electrical fixtures are functioning perfectly.

Breakfast Point security services

Aside from 24/7 electrical reliability, many Breakfast Point residents and business owners also know the need for 24/7 security. CCTV and alarm systems are now becoming more common in Breakfast Point houses, apartment blocks and commercial facilities.

Whether you’re in the property or going to the business district for professional or leisure reasons, alarm systems and video surveillance can give you complete peace of mind. In addition, proper installation of these would deter criminal activity in the first place.

Here at ESS, our ASIAL accredited security technicians will use their technical expertise to provide maximum coverage and protection to you, your property, products, equipment and personal belongings. We determine all the security threats and vulnerabilities and then install the appropriate technologies for maximum coverage and protection.

As a company with a master security license, we’re qualified and authorised to install security cameras, alarm systems and other security technologies. Through the years we’ve installed such devices and equipment in homes, corporate offices, schools, retail stores and other facilities.

Contact us today and we will study your unique site and requirements. No two sites are the same which is why we design tailored solutions for each project. Here at Electrical Security Services, our goal is for you to focus on your work, recreation or home living by taking care of your electrical and security requirements.