Burwood almost has a balanced mix of residential, commercial and light industrial developments. With a nearby large shopping centre and accessible transport, life is convenient. But despite the convenience, there are still threats and risks.

Although there’s a recent general decrease in unlawful entry with intent, you still want the added peace of mind coming from reliable security systems.

Burwood security systems

Here at Electrical Security Services (with Master Security License), we specialise in installing the following for residential and commercial premises:

First, we will analyse your site (including the risks and threat levels in the area) and study your requirements. We customise our solutions depending on our assessment and your required level of security.

We will strategically place the security systems for 100% coverage. Take note that criminal activities are getting more sophisticated, which is why we always update ourselves with the latest technologies.

Perhaps people’s awareness about crime and their proactive action towards it is responsible for the decreases in unlawful entry with intent. Homeowners, property managers and business owners are becoming more aware of the potential life threats and financial losses due to having an unsecured home or facility.

With our expertise and security systems, we can give you the peace of mind whether you’re staying in the premise or going away for a while. This is important if you want to focus more on your home living or professional life.

24/7 electrical services Burwood

Aside from unlawful entry with intent, another safety risk is about electrical mishaps which can cause electrocutions and fire hazards. Whether it’s circuitry overload, outdated wiring or faulty connections, these can be easily prevented with proper diagnostics and electrical installations.

We also do that here at Electrical Security Services. No job is too big or too small for us. Our range of electrical services includes:

The goal is to ensure a perfectly working electrical system so there will be zero or minimal interruptions. More importantly, we also ensure safety by confirming if the electrical fixtures can handle your energy requirements.

We mentioned earlier about electrical fault finding and maintenance. This requires expertise because most wires are hidden beneath walls, floors and ceilings. It also requires a specialised skillset to determine if any of the electrical fixtures are outdated or on the verge of failing.

Our electricians can do early fault detection to prevent serious dangers down the road. We can then do the necessary repairs, replacements and upgrades so the whole electrical network will run smoothly even during peak energy use (e.g. hot water systems and air conditioners are all running).

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When it comes to security systems and electrical safety, our team has already encountered various settings, constraints and challenges. We’ve successfully come up with customised, cost-effective and reliable solutions for all those scenarios.

Phone us today at 1300 703 990 for a prompt and professional service. Let’s make your home safer and more secure. We will install the latest security systems and ensure your electrical system performs safely and well.