Although the Carlingford streets are always clean and well-maintained, security risks will always be present. Also, intruders are becoming more sophisticated in their criminal acts.

But here at Electrical Security Services, we’re always several steps ahead of the intruders. Our ASIAL accredited security technicians regularly undergo continuing professional development to keep up to date with the latest threats and attacks. We invest both in learning and using the most advanced technologies to protect homes and commercial premises from unlawful entry with intent.

Carlingford security systems installation

It’s important that a residential or commercial premise receives maximum coverage and protection. All vulnerabilities should be spotted so the appropriate installations can be performed.

As a company with a master security license, we’re qualified and authorised to perform such installations. We install the following for brick homes, large apartments and commercial premises (corporate offices, warehouses, factories, schools, retail stores and more):

Whether you’re staying at the premise or going away for a while, it’s crucial that you have these security systems. Aside from protecting yourself, property, goods, equipment and other belongings, this is also crucial for your focus and peace of mind.

The Carlingford Court and Carlingford Road provide an interesting mix of goods that can satisfy people coming from diverse backgrounds. But no matter the background, we still share something in common, which is the need to feel safe and secure. Here at ESS, our team can help you ensure that. We will assess your site for security risks and install the latest tools and technologies for maximum protection and coverage.

Carlingford electricians 24/7

Aside from security threats, our team here at ESS is also busy detecting and solving electrical safety risks. We have licensed electricians on board who are excellent at electrical fault finding and maintenance.

Aside from electrical safety inspections, our licensed electricians also perform the following:

Carlingford electrician and security services

For more than 20 years, it’s always been our job to identify risks and threats in homes and commercial premises. We’ve always been several steps ahead of intruders because we continuously invest in our knowledge, technologies and expertise.

For your greater peace of mind, ESS is here to install the security systems that will better protect the occupants, goods, equipment, car and other belongings. We’re also here to ensure that your electrical system presents no fire hazards and up to performance even during peak energy use.

Contact us today if you require a professional, affordable, efficient and prompt service when it comes to electrical and security installations. We’re very careful during each job and ensure a smooth workflow whether it’s a small or major assignment.