As a major residential and business district, life can get busy. But we can only focus on life, career or business if the risks were already eliminated.

Often the biggest safety risks come from intruders and a faulty electrical system. It’s in your hands now to get rid of these risks.

Many residential and commercial clients in Chatswood and across Sydney phone us here at Electrical Security Services (1300 703 990) to gain peace of mind and make their properties more secure. With our electrical and security systems expertise, you’ll get rid of the safety risks in your home or commercial facility.

Chatswood home electrical services

Faulty wiring and other electrical connections may cause fire hazards and electrocutions. The damage to property can be very expensive. More importantly, faulty wiring can cause fatalities and serious injuries.

That’s why our electricians always prioritise safety in each installation. They carefully plan the provision of power outlets and create an intelligent electrical layout plan. It’s advisable that there are adequate power points in your residential or commercial premise. This is to avoid the use of power boards that overload circuitry. Our team can strategically position the power points and ensure that your system can handle the electrical load.

Our comprehensive electrical services include:

Chatswood residential & commercial security systems

A perfectly functioning electrical network will get rid of fire hazards and electrocution risks. This also ensures convenience whether at home or at work. But what about intruders? Do you, your property and possessions get enough protection?

Criminal activities are now getting more sophisticated. That’s why here at Electrical Security Services (with Master Security License, MSL), we always keep ourselves several steps ahead. We’re always updated with the latest technologies and modern threats.

For both residential and commercial premises we install the following:

Whether it’s for retail and shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, restaurants, hotels or corporate headquarters, the proper use of these security technologies is crucial to your peace of mind. Whether it’s getting a sound sleep or having the peace of mind whenever you’re away, these security systems are sure to help.

We can also select security solutions with low standby power consumption if you’re concerned about their energy requirements. We tailor our solutions according to the requirements of your property and the level of threat present. No two sites are the same, which is why we assess each site first before recommending a solution.

Phone us today at 1300 703 990 if you want a higher level of peace of mind. With a properly functioning electrical network and added security level, it gets easier to fall asleep at night and gain peace of mind whenever you’re away from your property or possessions. For homeowners and business owners, these are crucial for a more peaceful living and a more productive life.