The Parklands Suburb of the Inner West can be easily disturbed by a single incident of unlawful entry with intent. Although most of the time it’s smooth and peaceful, the security threats and risks will always be present.

That’s why it’s recommended to take the pro-active approach when it comes to protecting yourself, property, equipment, car, goods and other belongings. One such pro-active approach is by having sophisticated security systems in your home or commercial premise.

Concord security systems installation

A burglar only needs 5 minutes to break in. Although the windows and doors are strong and firm, these are not enough to stop a burglar from entering. In addition, intruders are getting more sophisticated with their break ins.

That’s why here at Electrical Security Services, we only use and install the latest technologies when it comes to our security systems. Our ASIAL accredited security technicians install the following:

We start with assessing the site and identifying the security vulnerabilities as we study your requirements. We then install the appropriate systems and technologies to provide you with maximum protection and coverage.

We create a tailor-made solution according to your requirements and that of your residential or commercial premise. For example, some business owners require a detailed record of all activity in the commercial premise (e.g. warehouse, retail stores). Others prioritise preventing break-ins especially when high-value goods and equipment are stored in the place.

With a master security license, Electrical Security Services is qualified and authorised to perform the required installations to better protect your property, goods, equipment and belongings.

Concord electrician 24/7

Aside from security threats, many residents and business owners are also concerned about electrical safety risks and performance. After all, it’s impossible to relax and enjoy the Concord life if the electrical system is dangerous or malfunctioning.

That’s why here at ESS we also have licensed electricians on board. Our work will make you better relax and enjoy at Henley Park or Major Bays Reserve. That’s because we’ll get rid of the fire hazards that may come from a malfunctioning electrical fixture.

Our comprehensive electrical services include the following:

We take extraordinary care when working in any site. We also integrate seamlessly with other contractors to ensure a smooth workflow and collaboration. This way, each project will be completed on time and on budget.

Concord security & electrician services

ESS is well-known for professional, affordable and prompt security and electrical installations. Whether it’s just a replacement of a power point or a full electrical commissioning, we always prioritise performance and safety.

We also prioritise maximum coverage and protection when it comes to installing alarm systems, CCTV, intercoms and other security technologies. Contact us today and we’ll study your site and specific requirements. We will then come up with a tailor-made solution that maximises protection and your peace of mind.