Hoxton Park is home to Inspire Church, Hoxton Park Anglican Church and several other places of faith and worship. Sunday is always a great day to reinforce our faith and gain peace of mind.

However, that peace of mind can be easily interrupted by a burglary or unlawful entry with intent. Whenever you leave your home or business you need an added assurance that your property, goods and equipment are secure. This way, going out on Sunday mornings will truly be a great time to forget about the worries and focus on the more important things.

Hoxton Park security services

Here at Electrical Security Services, our goal is to prevent burglary and unlawful entry with intent. We accomplish this by providing tailored security solutions to each home or commercial site.

No two sites are the same. Each site has its own set of security risks and vulnerabilities. A burglar or intruder only needs one vulnerable point and less than 5 minutes to make a successful entry.

Good news is that our ASIAL accredited security technicians are always several steps ahead of the intruders. Through the years and with continuous professional training, our technical team has gained expertise in spotting security risks and then installing the required technologies to provide people, properties and valuable objects with maximum protection and coverage.

For more than 20 years, we have helped hundreds of property owners and facility managers with their security requirements. We always implement the latest technologies and industry practices when it comes to installing the following:

Just as you’ve invested in your home or business, here at Electrical Security Services we also invest in our technologies and technical expertise. We always keep ourselves up to date with the latest security threats. This way we can help deter criminal activity in the first place.

Hoxton Park electricians 24/7

Aside from burglary and unlawful entry, many property owners and managers also prioritise electrical safety and reliability. After all, electrical hazards can cause serious interruptions to your home living or business operations.

You don’t want to endure any kind of electrical malfunction especially after a long day or week of stressful work, which is why our licensed electricians are quick to arrive on site. We perform prompt repairs and ensure you won’t encounter the same problem again anytime soon.

Aside from electrical repairs, our technicians also perform the following:

For each installation we ensure a long service life for each wire, outlet, switchboard, light fitting and other electrical fixtures. We only use high-quality tools and parts to ensure reliability and performance.

Contact us today for your electrical and security requirements. We offer prompt services and tailored solutions for each project. This way, you will gain peace of mind not just during Sunday worship but every day of the week.