Intruder Proof Your Home & Avoid the Illusion of Security

How to intruder proof your home and avoid the illusion of security with using locks? Back then the use of locks is already enough to secure a home. However, it’s now easy to pick the locks and allow intruders to gain access into the inside of a house or building. In addition, brute force could still go a long way when trying to break in.

Although law enforcement agencies are always there to protect us, we also have a huge role to play when it comes to our security. Individuals, families, neighbourhoods and communities often share a responsibility of keeping the whole place and their individual dwellings safe and secure.

That’s why there are now modern solutions specifically developed to secure our home and give us peace of mind. Government agencies and the private sector have also identified important risk points when it comes to home security. They have also developed standards to minimise risks especially in building design and installation of safety devices.

A good home design can make a secure living environment

The design we’re talking about here relates more about the function than the aesthetics of the home. For instance, are the windows strategically positioned to provide clear sightlines so you can watch the streets and other areas? Notice that it has more to do with where the windows are installed to attain a functional objective. There’s nothing mentioned about the appearance of the windows and how they are arranged to achieve an aesthetic goal.

A good home design should be a starting point in achieving better security. After all, superior strength (or the perception thereof) is still the best form of defence. This could be achieved by ensuring that the home has a solid construction.

However, do existing homes need to start from scratch to achieve solid construction and better security? The answer is no (in many cases) because you can apply small measures to significantly improve the strength of your home. For instance, one way homeowners and building managers accomplish this is by reinforcing glass with shatter-resistant material. This is to prevent forced entry and lengthen the time before the intruder achieves some success.

Another way to make the home seem strong and discouraging to intruders is by ensuring proper illumination. The addition of garden lights may contribute to discouraging the intruders as well as providing you with some peace of mind at night. Moreover, you can also feel at peace if you could easily see what’s outside. One way to accomplish this is by allowing more sunlight to come into your home. Remove the things that block sunlight from entering the rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Make sure that plants and other hindrances are not present to prevent maximum visibility of the outside.

Intruders want to work quickly

The longer they take to gain entry, the more likely they will get caught or back off. That’s why intruders prefer working quickly so there’s a lower chance for them of being caught. They want to enter and exit the home as fast as they could (with minimal unnecessary movements).

They could also work very slowly if the conditions are perfect. For instance, they may have all the evening hours if door areas are dark and plants near the windows are blocking your view of the outside.

Truly, time is gold because every second counts in the successful execution of the intruder’s plan. But if they do have the luxury of time, invisibility is their ally to gain entry to your home and take away your precious belongings. Once you’ve become aware of these things, you can turn these around and use them to make your home safer and more secure.

For instance, you can introduce additional delays by adding locks to all possible entry points. But as mentioned earlier, locks may only provide an illusion of security. You might even become complacent once you see the locks placed (and after hearing the locking sound). Intruders can easily pick the locks or even destroy them fast.

When it comes to invisibility, you can make intruders and other people with questionable motives visible by installing more lights and making the access points illuminated. After all, intruders don’t want to be caught in the act. They also don’t want attention to themselves. It’s hard to focus on almost anything if you’re aware that someone else is watching you.

Working quietly & avoiding sound alarms

Aside from time and visibility, noise could also discourage most intruders because the sound will surely get the attention and possibly wake up everyone in the household. That’s why many homes now have sound alarms that will even make intruders back off just because of the knowledge that alarms are present in the home. These alarms could effectively deter thieves and further add to the peace of mind you’re feeling.

Effective alarm systems can reduce the time available for intruders to do their work. On the other hand, alarm systems can increase your available time to take action and respond to the attempted burglary. In many emergency cases, every second counts and an additional one second can mean a huge difference in your safety and security.

Basically, many security alarms work by detecting the interruption of electrical flow. When the doors or windows are closed, the two parts of the sensor connect thereby creating a closed electrical circuit. Intrusion will break apart the connection (interrupting the electrical flow) which would trigger the alarm.

This is the fundamental mechanism even of advanced and expensive security alarm systems. The alarm gets triggered because of the occurrence of a target motion. Its capability of detecting the target motion and giving the proper and timely response are the keys to having an effective security alarm.

The use of access control systems

Intrusion and burglary also mean that other people have unauthorised access to your home. Restricting the access could significantly make the place safer. How access control systems work is very similar to how we use our keys. We gain the access to our home because we have our keys with us. On the other hand, we also have the “key” in modern access control systems but the difference is it could be more rigorous (such as requiring a 2-step login or even a face identification capability in advanced systems).

Aside from home security, access control is also being used to restrict access in certain commercial facilities. This could be about keeping workers safe because they would be prevented from going to construction zones and other high-risk areas. Access control could also be used for reducing occurrences of shoplifting and employee theft.

More importantly, access control could be really valuable in keeping away intruders and strangers from your home or property. You will feel safer and more secure because of the effective technological solutions installed in your place. It’s especially the case when access controls enable biometrics scanning and double encryption so you’re the only one in possession of a unique key.

Intruder proof your home with both conventional & modern solutions

Often the most effective solution is a combination of different approaches applied consecutively and simultaneously. It’s especially the case in home security where many homeowners install multiple systems to protect their homes and ensure their family’s safety.

Thick and sturdy locks may still deter some intruders and increase their time of attempting to break in. However, these may not be enough to secure your home. Aside from conventional solutions of using locks, security alarms and access control systems can put additional layers of protection and security to your home or property.

Moreover, the presence of video surveillance could make intruders think twice. Commercial facilities are common to have these multiple layers of protection. More and more homeowners are also realising the importance of this, which is why many homes now also have an integrated and comprehensive solution installed when it comes to safety and security.

That’s why here at Electrical Security Services, our experienced and trustworthy local Sydney specialists install reliable and effective security systems for homes and commercial facilities. Our team is consists of licensed electricians and ASIAL accredited security licensed technicians.

Aside from expertise in security systems, we also have extensive skills in handling a wide variety of electrical work. This is to ensure that your whole electrical network functions well so all the lighting and security systems in your home will work perfectly.

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