It’s hard to focus on work and the beachside lifestyle if there’s a security threat or an electrical hazard. It’s also hard to take advantage of the Maroubra’s amenities if you always worry about your property, belongings, vehicles and other assets.

Here at Electrical Security Services, we help clients gain peace of mind with our latest security technologies and technical expertise. Our ASIAL accredited security technicians install CCTV and video surveillance, alarm systems (entry, smoke, heat, water, etc.), access controls and smart management systems. Our goal here is to deter criminal activity in the first place and give you peace of mind so you can better focus on your work or enjoy the Maroubra Beach.

Maroubra security services

It’s true that the natural sound of the sea waves is relaxing and soothing. However, any unusual noise or activity in your property is disturbing.

It will surely keep you up at night and make you feel tired the next day. This will in turn affect your focus and productivity at work. Indeed, security is a huge factor in productivity and it’s also a worthwhile investment. After all, burglary and unlawful entry will also cause huge financial losses and significant business interruptions.

As a company with a master security license, Electrical Security Services is qualified and authorised to install residential and commercial security cameras, alarm systems, access controls and other relevant security technologies. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and minimise interruptions and financial losses due to burglary and unlawful entry.

For 20 years, our ASIAL accredited security technicians have worked on homes, apartments, corporate offices, shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, schools and industrial facilities. We have helped hundreds of property owners and facility managers with their security requirements. We treat each site as unique and then use our expertise to create tailored solutions.

Maroubra electrician 24/7

We also create tailored electrical solutions for residential and commercial installations. After all, electrical malfunctions are also one of the greatest sources of worries of many residents and business owners.

It’s difficult to enjoy at the Renford Aquatic Centre or just take a short break away from work if a wire is exposed, the outlet is burnt or the light is flickering. Any kind of electrical issue is disturbing and even makes it hard to focus on work, study or business.

Here at Electrical Security Services we have a team of licensed electricians ready to be deployed anytime of the day. Right on the spot we fix the issue so you can resume with your rest or activity as soon as possible.

Aside from electrical repairs, our qualified and insured electricians also do the following:

Whether it’s for a fitout, renovation, addition or new construction, our goal is to maximise the service life of each installation. This way, we can minimise the failures and interruptions. This is important in maximising the productivity or just fully enjoying the Maroubra’s waves.

Contact us today for your electrical and security requirements. We work closely with clients to ensure specifications are met. We also integrate smoothly with other contractors so that the entire project will be completed on time and on budget.