Mascot is a good place to put down our roots. But for that, first we have to gain peace of mind so we can quietly settle and focus on what’s really important in our lives.

The Police Headquarters for the local Botany Bay Area Command and the Mascot Fire Station are just nearby. But the threats are always real and prevailing. It’s especially the case about electrical mishaps and security threats.

It’s hard to settle if you’re always worried about unlawful entry with intent. For most of the burglary cases, it only takes an intruder less than 5 minutes to break into a home. Aside from property losses, there’s also that serious individual safety concern.

Mascot security systems for homes & businesses

Thankfully, many homeowners and property managers contact us here at Electrical Security Services. We select and install the most up-to-date technologies when it comes to the following:

We also understand that each site is unique. Whether it’s a residential or commercial premise, all sites have different requirements and risk profiles. As a result, we create tailored solutions to maximise coverage and minimise vulnerabilities.

This requires expertise, which is why our ASIAL accredited security licensed technicians always do the work. This also requires continuing investments in knowledge about the latest threats and technologies. Break-ins are getting more sophisticated, which is why we stay several steps ahead.

Whether it’s a single storey home, a corporate office, a retail store or a huge warehouse, we can create an integrated solution specifically for your requirements. Our team will provide you ongoing support so you can get the most out of the modern security technologies.

Ensuring electrical safety

As you put down your roots here in Mascot, it’s just normal to experience electrical mishaps from time to time. But if you experience it regularly or there’s a serious safety risk, it’s not normal anymore.

Another threat to safety may come from faulty electrical connections. Whether it’s a burnt power point or constantly failing switchboard, it’s a serious issue that requires urgent attention.

That’s why we also offer 24/7 electrical services. Our quick-response team can promptly determine the root cause and fix it right away. Aside from electrical repairs, we also do the following:

Our priority here is safety, which is why we perform advanced testing to promptly identify failing components. Before these vulnerabilities can cause any harm, our team can detect them early on.

Choose ESS

Electrical Security Services has been maintaining a solid reputation since 1998. Through those years we’ve encountered several unique scenarios. Our team has successfully navigated through all those challenges and delivered customised solutions to our customers.

Phone us today at 1300 703 990 if you require a prompt and professional service. We can tailor a solution (security system and electrical installation) specific for your requirements.