Whether you’re just planning to stay at home or watch the Pennant Hills Football Club, it’s crucial to give yourself, your property and belongings enough protection against burglars and intruders. This way, you can better relax at home or focus on the game.

Pennant Hills security installations

Here at Electrical Security Services, we install sophisticated security systems that provide maximum protection and coverage. Our ASIAL accredited security technicians install the following for homes, apartments and commercial premises:

We provide a tailor-made solution specifically for your requirements and the security risks present in your site. We identify all security vulnerabilities and keep ourselves several steps ahead of the intruders.

With a master security license, we are qualified and authorised to perform security installations. We also continuously invest in our expertise and technologies because intruders are getting more creative and sophisticated in their break-ins.

This is important both in residences and commercial premises (whether it’s a corporate office or an industrial site). Aside from burglary, reliable security systems can be very helpful in preventing damages to your property and high-value equipment and belongings.

Pennant Hills emergency electricians

Aside from break-ins, most Pennant Hills residents and business owners are also concerned about electrical safety risks and performance. Electrocution, fire hazards and property damage threaten the active and peaceful life in this suburb.

Our licensed electricians here at ESS always prioritise safety and performance. We perform pro-active and advanced diagnostics on electrical fixtures and the entire system. Our team is also excellent at identifying electrical vulnerabilities and their root causes.

Once those vulnerabilities and causes are identified, our electricians will then perform the necessary repair, replacement or upgrade. We only use the best tools and parts to ensure safety and performance of your electrical system even during peak energy use (e.g. hot water system and air conditioner are running simultaneously).

Aside from electrical fault finding and maintenance, our licensed electricians are also busy doing the following:

We even install energy efficiency solutions so you can cut down your monthly electricity bill. This is also good for the environment overall because you consume less energy while still enjoying a convenient lifestyle.

Pennant Hills electrician and security services

Whether it’s electrical or security installations, our qualified team can excellently perform the job from end to end. We have earned the necessary qualifications and even go beyond because of our commitment to continuous learning.

For more than 20 years, we’ve become the first company that comes to mind when it comes to electrical security. Our licensed electricians and ASIAL accredited security technicians have become long-term partners of our clients when it comes to their electrical and security requirements. Contact us today and let’s make your residence or commercial premise safer and more secure.