Easy access to shopping centres, schools, parks and almost everything else makes living in Ryde really convenient. But burglars may also get easy access to your home or commercial premise.

Although Ryde is considered to have one of the lowest crime rates in Australia, it’s always best to stay safe and secure no matter what.

Ryde security systems for homes & businesses

To accomplish that and gain peace of mind, many Ryde residents, property managers and business owners contact us here at Electrical Security Services (with Master Security License). Our professional services include installation of the following:

Since 1998, we’ve been providing customised solutions to each of our clients. We understand that each site has unique requirements and risk profiles. As a result, we assess each site and create a 100% coverage solution for each of our clients.

Also, criminal activities (especially unlawful entry with intent) are getting more creative and sophisticated. That’s why our team always implements the latest technologies and studies modern risks and threats.

Security is a huge challenge because the intruder only needs to find a single vulnerability. Our job then is to determine all those vulnerabilities, minimise the risks and maximise the coverage. Whether it’s for you, your family, your tenant, goods or equipment, our team will create a tailored solution for you.

24/7 Ryde electrical safety services

Aside from unlawful entry with intent, another serious safety risk comes from faulty electrical connections and fixtures. Although the electrical injuries are getting fewer each passing year, the risks are still there.

Also consider the fire hazards from electrical sparks and mishaps. These sparks (no matter how small) can initiate a fire and quickly fuel itself with petrol, dried leaves, wood and construction materials.

That’s why here at Electrical Security Services, we do a proactive electrical fault finding and maintenance. Aside from that, we also regularly do the following:

Our priority is on safety which is why we always perform advanced diagnostics before working and leaving the site. We also identify electrical vulnerabilities that might compromise your safety and that of your property and belongings.

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Since 1998, we’ve been providing tailored security system solutions for our clients. Aside from the added peace of mind, our clients are now able to focus more on enjoyment, getting more productive and growing their businesses.

Through the years we’ve also ensured the reliability of key electrical fixtures in Ryde homes and apartment complexes. We’ve done proactive diagnostics and maintenance (and also identified outdated wiring and potential failure points) so there will be zero or minimal downtimes and interruptions.

Phone us today at 1300 703 990 if you want an added peace of mind about your security and electrical safety. We’ll start with assessing your site so we can offer a more tailored solution to you.