The Centro Seven Hills shopping centre provides the essentials and if you’re looking for more the Parklea Markets is just minutes away.

When it comes electrical and security systems, here at Electrical Security Services we also provide the essentials and perform complete installations so you won’t look anywhere else. Our complete technical services ensure that all electrical and security systems are functioning perfectly.

Seven Hills electrician 24/7

After a long day or week of hard work, you deserve to have some rest so you can get ready for the next day or just step back from the busy life for a while. However, it’s all impossible if the electrical fixtures are malfunctioning. It’s just inconvenient and stressful. The little time you have for resting will be taken away by an electrical issue.

Whether it’s faulty wiring, burnt outlet or just a flickering light, it deserves quick attention and action. That’s what we provide here at Electrical Security Services. We always have a licensed electrician/s ready to be deployed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aside from electrical repairs, our licensed electricians also have technical expertise in the following:

Our focus has been always on electrical safety and reliability. This way home living remains convenient and business operations are continuous and unstoppable. With our complete electrical services, it only takes one call (1300 703 990) to solve it all. Many homeowners, business owners and property managers call us for their electrical requirements.

Seven Hills security installations

Aside from electrical safety, we’re also serious about providing security for you, your property, goods and belongings. With our modern security technologies and technical expertise, we can provide you with the needed coverage and peace of mind.

Our ASIAL accredited security technicians are always several steps ahead of the burglars and intruders. We always update ourselves with the latest security risks through regular training. This way, we can keep our clients secure and feeling safe.

Since 1998, we have helped hundreds of businesses, property owners and facility managers with their security requirements. We have installed the following:

The goal is to prevent criminal activity in the first place while giving our clients complete peace of mind, which is why we treat each site and project as unique. We thoroughly assess the threats and vulnerabilities and then perform the required installations. This way, there’s maximum coverage and protection.

Whether you’re in the property or away (perhaps you’re taking your child to Bob Sinclair Child Care Centre, Seven Hills High School or a sporting event or you’re just having a nice time outdoors), your place and your belongings should all stay secure. With our modern security technologies and technical expertise, you will gain peace of mind 24/7.

Contact us today and we will thoroughly study your site and requirements. Whether it’s an urgent electrical repair or ongoing security requirement, our team will give their technical expertise to complete the assignment promptly and professionally. Here at Electrical Security Services, our priority is your peace of mind and safety.