Homes in the Golden Mile and the rest of Strathfield may still have security risks. After all, intruders are becoming more sophisticated.

That’s why here at Electrical Security Services, we thoroughly assess the site for security vulnerabilities. We also use the latest technologies to give the residential property maximum coverage and protection.

Strathfield security systems installation

With a master security license, our company with a history of over 20 years is qualified and authorised to perform security systems installation. Our ASIAL accredited security technicians install the following:

Whether it’s a modern mansion or a towering apartment block, our qualified technicians have experience working in various settings. We can quickly spot security vulnerabilities and install the appropriate technologies for maximum protection and coverage.

Aside from modern and traditional homes, our ASIAL accredited security technicians also install alarm and security systems in commercial premises (factories, warehouses, corporate offices, retail, shopping centres, schools and tertiary institutions, car parks and more). Our expertise includes the following:

Strathfield electricians 24/7

Aside from unlawful entry with intent, another serious safety risk is on malfunctioning electrical fixtures and connections. Whether you’re at the premise or going for a while, it’s always good to make sure that there will be no fire hazards.

Our licensed and insured electricians perform all facets of electrical installation, repair, upgrade, maintenance and inspection. Our priority is always on optimum safety and performance.

Our electrical services for residential and commercial clients include:

We take extraordinary care whenever we go inside a home or commercial premise. When it comes to working with other contractors during electrical installations, we smoothly integrate with the team for a more efficient collaboration and timely completion of the project.

Strathfield electrician and security services

Ensuring your safety and security (and that of your property, goods, equipment and belongings) is a worthy investment. Aside from protecting yourself from financial losses and physical threats, this will also give you peace of mind which would allow you to focus more on your home living or professional endeavours.

Assessing the risks and eliminating them is our main job here at Electrical Security Services. For over 20 years, we’ve always been several steps ahead when it comes to security sophistication.

Contact us today if you want to protect yourself from security and electrical safety risks. Let’s discuss your requirements and we’ll assess your site thoroughly for any security and safety vulnerabilities.